Bucky-Central web pages are no more.

Bucky-central as a web server has been retired. The computer lives on with new functions. Ubuntu Mate version 17 is the system now installed.
Users who would like access to a full function computer engine for computation, type setting, etc. should contact Dr. Piner of TMI

If you are looking for the old Bucky-Central web pages, please follow this link Ruoff Group web pages Archive

A summary of all TMI instruments available for use for a fee is listed here: Facilities at TMI

The Characterization Lab is located in ETC 1.1224A, which is located inside ETC 1.222 (The Maker Studio) Campus Map.
Link to ETC 1.224A Calendar.

The Characterization Lab has a private web page with calendar links and equipment manuals, located Characterization Lab